Panty Pooping Stories

Tales From The Pooped Gusset of

Restaurant Shame

    After the birth of my lovely little boy, and maybe because of the many changes that my body was going through, on some days I found myself quite constipated. Sometimes I couldn’t pass a poop for over a week. Eventually I went to the doctor who prescribed me with a very strong laxative. He did warn me to count the hours after taking it, as I would need to be near a toilet when it kicked in. Yeah yeah! (How I wish I’d listened!).

    Life as a new mother is great for the most part. But, and lets be honest here, it can be a little boring. I mean you’re stuck at home with your baby, who requires pretty much 24/7 attention. So, you can imagine I was very happy to get invited by my old work mates out to a dinner and dance at a very nice local restaurant. Hubby was working so couldn’t come, but I really wanted it to be just me and my friends. The morning was spent running errands and then I spent the afternoon getting myself pretty (in between looking after baby). I’d put on quite a few pounds and struggled both to find, and then to get into, a suitable dress. Doorbell rang and the babysitter appeared. Now, for some reason (maybe excitement, me rushing to finish up, or just being a total air-head…I don’t know) I took some vitamin pills and a laxative tablet just before leaving the house. Why did I do that? Force of habit?

    So there I was, seated with my best mates, laughing and drinking and chatting….having a great time. It had been so long that we all had a lot to catch up on. They all ordered lots of finger food/snacks and I was struggling to resist. But my friends were having non of this silliness, and told me to forget about my weight and just have a good time. So I started eating. But after only a couple of mouthfuls, I felt the stirrings of trouble. As soon as my brain registered that I needed to poop, I knew I had only seconds to get to the toilet. I remember jumping to my feet and the sound of the chair hitting the floor as it fell backwards. I remember the look of surprise on the faces around me. I think at that moment, for a split second, I considered my options…try and run to the loo and poop myself on the way, stay put here with my friends and poop my pants or run out the front door. But laxative waits for no man/woman. Feeling the uncontrollable tsunami building, I rushed towards the front door. My hand grabbed the door handle and then the simple effort of pushing it open caused my bowels to open.The feeling of hot shit pouring out of me and filling my panties. I somehow managed to get the door open but the first foot step caused more to spurt out and now my panties were full and overflowing down my legs and onto the floor. I almost fell as I tried to run to the car. I felt the hot tears of shame streaming down my face. My day, the day I had so looked forwards to, was ruined. I crouched down beside my car unsure of what to do. I had nothing with me to clean myself. I just cried. 

    How much time passed I don’t know. But at some point I heard a noise behind me and turned to see one of my friends coming towards me. She was so nice and so very kind. I remembered then that she worked as a nurse. She told me not to worry, as non of the others knew why I jumped up so quickly. But the she had guessed why. From her car she took wipes and cleaned me up pretty good. She then phoned our friends to say that I was sick, and that she was taking me home. Later she called to see if I was alright…and she promised that this would stay a secret!

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