Panty Pooping Stories

Tales From The Pooped Gusset of

My PantyPoop Accident

   Yesterday afternoon, after I’d dropped the kids off at their grandmothers, I had the rest of the day to myself. Luxury! Changed into a light and Summery dress, clean white cotton panties and on with some make-up. First thing was to grab a quick bite to eat, before heading into town to meet with my friends for an evening of girl talk and drinks. Now I’m normally one to watch my figure (single mum on the prowl!) but with time at a premium, a drive-in burger joint will have to do. On entering the eatery a very handsome man said hello and then I felt his eyes following me to the counter. He came up and stood beside me and started to make small talk. Thing is, I was in a hurry, otherwise I would have been happy a pie stood there feeling like a teenager. But in the end, once my order came, I had to smile and say goodbye. I think he looked a little disappointed.

   So there I was, comfortably sitting in my car, enjoying the stereo and eating my burger and fries. It’s true that going to the loo had crossed my mind before ordering as I had felt a slight twinge in my bowl. But time awaits no one! Well, I kinda wished that I had gone, as these twinges were rapidly turning to cramps. I really needed to poop. The entrance of the burger joint was around 50 feet away…no big problem (or so I thought). Out the car, lock the door and off I go. But these cramps were getting stronger and worst, I felt that a huge poop was trying to push out.  Go to the front door, and trying my best to keep it in, I saw the sign for the toilet and headed off there as fast as I could (probably doing a funny walk by now!). 

   Seeing the toilet door made me feel much better, and I guess that I kinda relaxed. But the door was locked and a post-it note attached to it told me that the toilets were all out of order. FUCK! I could feel that the slimy poop was already making its’ way out into my white panties. What could I do? Where could I go? And just to make matters worse, I felt an aching desire to pee. I tried the door handle again, pulling and pushing, but each effort bought me closer to disaster. Before I could think, I felt the hot rush of a huge poop pushing its way out. I felt the weight of it in my panties. I crouched down but then the pee started. Down my legs and into my shoes and across the floor. And as I watched its’ progress towards the end of the short corridor and seating area, I noticed it come to a pair of shoes. Yes, the handsome man. Staring down at me. No expression. Shame, guilt and humiliation washed over me and I wished the ground to open and swallow me up. But there was to be no escape as there was nowhere else to go, either here by the toilet door or out to the public restaurant area.

   I remember staring at the floor, wishing myself dead, when his soft voice said that I shouldn’t worry. He came back with a coat, and wrapping it around me, saw me to my car. To my great surprise, he left his number and insisted that I call him, joking that having seen this, there would be no secrets.

   And to cut a long story short, yes I found the courage and called him. And we are still dating. Later it turned out that girls pooping panties is one of his fantasies. At first I thought this perverted and sick, but after his explanation and after me losing my shyness, we now have pantie poop as part of our regular sexual life. 

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