Panty Pooping Stories

Tales From The Pooped Gusset of

My Drunk Aunt

     My mom and aunt get together occasionally, but when they do they usually go through a good 2-3 bottles of wine. Last Friday aunt Marilyn came over and boy did they drink. It was late by the time I got home from work and both were tipsy. I fell asleep on the couch, had a long day at work. I remember hearing my mom saying “Kimmy, kimmy hun wake up”. I looked at mom, my eyes hardly open, and she said, “Walk your aunt home, I think she’s to drunk to walk home by herself.”

      I woke and walked into the kitchen where aunt Marilyn was she was obviously bombed, and I helped her get her coat on. She is in her late 30’s, she wore a black leather coat trench style and she was wearing Dark brown loose fit corduroy pants and a tan sweater. She kind of staggered a bit as we left the house, and she slurred her words when she spoke and made very little sense. 

We walked slowly toward her place, which was 3 blocks away. Aunt Marilyn walked slowly and seemed preoccupied with something. She stopped and told me she felt kinda funny and wanted to rest a minute. We stopped. She talked a little and I remember seeing her legs were apart. AS we started walking again she walked kind of slow and like she just got off a horse. I walked with her a block or so more and she was still walking funny and every once in a while her face got red and had kind of a sour look on it. 

We were on her street when she asked to stop again. We did. 

This time she was talking clearer and she stood with her legs apart as before. She started to tell a joke, and I remember her laughing and when she did she bent her knees. She laughed and so did I the joke was funny. She started walking again and she acted very strange. She would not walk near me, she kind of lagged in the back and her walk was slower and I was beginning to wonder exactly what she was doing. As we got to her house she and I walked up the driveway and I looked at her as she staggered in her wide legged stance. We got to the garage door entrance and she pushed the door button. I looked down the driveway and then I knew for sure what Aunt Marilyn had been doing.  

I noticed a lump of poop sitting in the driveway! I looked over and looked at Aunt Marilyn’s ass but her coat was on so nothing really showed. I was very curious now. We entered her house and I told her I would help her with her coat. She turned I helped her get it off and my suspicions were confirmed. Aunt Marilyn had crapped her pants.

I slowly took off her coat, and she knew that I knew what had happened because she was quiet. As I took the coat off for some strange reason I pushed my finger on the lump in her corduroys. They were soft and warm. The lump was very large and it was kinda wet from being there a while. Aunt Marilyn slowly moved around and asked if I wanted a drink. I was shocked that we were home and she had a dump in her pants and she wasn’t going to change!

I didn’t take the drink but she took one and she wanted to get some air so we walked out on the porch. Aunt Marilyn didn’t seem o mind that she had a pile in her pants, as a matter of a fact I think as we stood there she did more. We talked as if nothing was wrong. She stood there in a normal stance now giving in to the mess in her trousers and I noticed steam coming from them as I glanced at her lumped corduroys again. I began to get kind of turned on from the sight of her at her age inn loaded pants.

The phone rang and I went in to get it. It was my mom. I wasn’t sure what to say when she asked if my aunt was ok. I wanted to say yes but she made a load in her pants, but I didn’t. She told me to come back once she was settled in and I said I would. I went back out and as I approached the door I looked and aunt Marilyn had her hand on the dump in her pants and she was cupping it. I stood there and watched, it looked like she enjoyed what had happened. I walked out she looked at me and said “you didn’t tell her did you?” I said “what? She looked at me and then at the mound in her corduroys that was steaming in the night air. I said “what are you asking me.”  I guess in some perverted way I wanted to hear her say it. She blushed and smiled and said you know. I said Know what? Aunt Marilyn grinned and said “that I made a load in my pants!” I blushed and a tingle went thru me. I couldn’t believe that my aunt had shit her pants and she didn’t seem to mind!

I walked over and she smiled and said “lets keep this a secret kimmy, I don’t think others would enjoy knowing that a woman my age crapped her pants because she was so drunk!” I grinned and we talked and eventually I helped her get changed and put her to bed. I took her soiled pants to her laundry room and for some strange reason I put them to my nose and sniffed where the lump had been. I still can’t understand why but I did and I have to admit that seeing my aunt Marilyn crap herself was something that well turned me on!  

Tammy’s Story

   Hello, my name is Tammy, and this is my panty pooping story. 

   Some months ago, some of my girlfriends asked me to go out with them to celebrate a birthday. We arranged to meet in a bar downtown, with the plan to start here and then later move on to the restaurant for a meal and the all important cake. I remember that the day was very busy at my work and I was rushing to get finished on time, and also I was not feeling too good, with maybe a flu or cold coming on. Anyway, managed to get away in time to rush home, jump in the shower and slap on my makeup. I also tried to poop (I like to be absolutely “empty” when I go out, as I hate using public toilets), but nothing would come out. As I pulled up to the bar, I realized that I hadn’t eaten the whole day, and was now starving. OK, quickly run to the fast food place just down the street, but as I closed the car door, one of my friends was already waiting for me, and sprang forwards, grabbed my arm and steered me directly into the bar. It was so nice to meet with all my old mates, and the drink flowed freely, to put it mildly. We were all pretty drunk within a couple of hours…but me more so as I had no food in my stomach to absorb all that alcohol. In a distant part of my mind a tiny voice was telling me to take it easy, but also that I might need to poop. So I reluctantly staggered off to the ladies. There were two cubicles and so I threw myself into one, closed the door and remember sitting down to pee. My head was swimming, my sight was fucked up and my body just wouldn’t do what my dizzy brain commandeered of it. But I do remember peeing, the hot wet feeling and the sound of it splashing into the toilet bowl. And then….I was out! Darkness fell!

    I dreamt that a large dog was trying to bite my leg. It seemed so real. And then I awoke….someone was pulling at my foot from under the large gap between the door and the floor. Someone else was shouting for me to open the door (I must of locked it on my way in). There was a general commotion, with all the pulling, shouting and banging. I knelt up and pulled back the lock. The door swung open and three of my very drunk friends tumbled in on top of me. We all fell about laughing. One of them started making jokes about what I was doing that took so long and pretended to finger herself. They demanded to see if the front of my panties were wet and we all started wrestling on the floor in an effort to get me to open my legs. We were all laughing so hard that the tears were streaming down my face. I pushed them off and said I would show them. They stood around me and I pretended to be coy and shy, lying on the floor, but then I gradually started to act kinda “porno”, posing here and there, opening and closing my legs and touching my tits whilst licking my lips. They all started to clap and shout “open your legs, bitch!”. I rolled over and jutted out my ass and then slowly pulled up my dress for the “reveal”. Abruptly the clapping and shouting stopped. I looked round and saw them just staring at me with their mouths open. I didn’t understand, and suddenly felt awkward  But within a couple of seconds they all started laughing. One of them pointed. I remember jumping up to look at myself in the full length mirror.

    And there it was, for all to see. In my drunken toilet visit I had shit my panties. I opened the back  and peered in, and there was a huge poop looking back at me. By now the girls were hysterical and rolling around clutching their sides. In my stupor  I played around with my pooped panties for them. It was quite a show. Later I threw the panties into the toilet and flushed the evidence away. We all tidied ourselves up, re-did our make-up, promised it would be our little secret, and then spilt out into the bar. It was a great night!

Grand Theft Pantypoop

  I bought my son an Xbox for Christmas, and though I try and control the time he plays on it, in truth he spends nearly all his waking hours playing when not in school. Often when I go to tidy his room (yes, I know I should get him to do it!), I can see what he has been playing. They all appear to be some sort of shooting, bombing or other violent theme.

  Well, some afternoons ago, I knocked on his door. I guess he was expecting me to tell him to get on with his home work, and had that “what do you want?” look on his face when I entered. So you can imagine his surprise when I asked him to show me some games. That started something…and the rest of the day was spent playing games with him. He showed me all the shortcuts and cheats and really encouraged me to play and improve. And, you know what, I had a great time. When the time came to go back down stairs to make dinner, he suggested that I could play whenever I wanted, and that he would leave everything switched on during the day.

   Well, I don’t mind admitting it, but I found myself becoming addicted …to Grand Theft Auto! I loved stealing a car and tearing up Chinatown, shooting and crashing. Sometimes I would forget to start dinner and would have a rude awakening when the front door opened and the family returned. One day I was playing and really getting involved performing the various tasks in order to move up within the game. At the same time I felt that I needed to poop. But you know how it is, just one more go, just one more car to steal, just one more task. But time was passing and I was reluctant to relinquish the game. By now I had a stomach ache. So I bent forwards which made it go away. And I crossed my legs which also helped. I’d got to make it back to the “Safe House”, but this wasn’t proving so easy with half the city’s police force after me. A quick look at the game map and I knew that it’s just a short drive away. But I could feel the poop coming. It can’t wait. Fuck it! I stood up and leaned forwards over the desk. And as I jumped from the car and ran towards the entrance of the safe house, I let a huge poop plot itself into my panties. I was aware of the weight and the smell, but when you’re being chaste by the FBI there’s no time to think of personal hygiene. I stood there playing until I completed the task. Yes! 

   But just then, I heard the frond door slam shut….my son was home from collage and would be bounding up the stairs. In a flash I dropped the controller and headed for the bathroom. I cleaned myself up (I actually flushed my panties down the loo), and when I came out some minutes later and popped my head round his door to equire after his day, the first thing I noticed was that he’d opened all the windows. He never mentioned the smell, but did give me a strange look.

Fear of Flying

    I have always had  a fear of flying every since I was a little girl. My dad was in the Air Force and I guess that he really wanted me to like being up there in the clouds. But I got nervous and then sick. And now, 20 years later, the symptoms are worse…and that’s before I even get on the plane. I’ve tried all the cures, acupuncture and pills and wrist bands. But non of them work as I know that it’s all going on in my mind. As they say, if we were meant to fly, then we would have been given wings!

    The other week I had to get from SF, where I live to NY, where live my folks. Now they bought me the ticket some months ago, so that I would have plenty of time to prepare myself mentally. But this time wasn’t spent getting calmer….quite the opposite. As the day of travel approached I found myself more and more worked up and unable to sleep. Also I became constipated and wasn’t able to poop for almost 1 week.

    Any how, there I was, sitting on the plane as it taxied for take-off. The plane was pretty empty and I had the row of seats to myself. Thank God, because no-one could then see me gripping the seat arm and sweating. I tried to breather deeply and concentrate on the seat head-rest infront of me. I closed my eyes. I could still hear the engines, and hear it increase in volume as we prepared to take off. I could feel the nerves right down into my stomach. And then something else!

   The sound of the engines was now a roar and I felt us becoming weightless as we climbed away and upwards into the sky. I looked down at my shaking hands and saw them wet with sweat. I touched my face and it was wet too. My stomach was going through some sort of spasm and then came the cramps. I really needed to get to the toilet. But the undo the seat belt ding-ding had not sounded. I was double-overed by now, gritting my teeth against the pain of the cramps and also trying my hardest to hold in, what really wanted to come out!

   And then I could wait no longer. I pushed the “assistance” button overhead. But I saw the stewardess up front signal to me, with a smile, to wait for the seat-belt light to go off. But one weeks of poop waits for no-one. I looked up and down the plane and saw that the toilet behind me, at the back of the plane was closest. I also noted that there were about ten rows of seats to pass. “Just ten” I said to myself. It’ll be fine. You’ll undo your seat belt and quickly make your way to the back. No bother. None of the passengers will notice you. You’ll be there in a flash.Easy peezy! 

    So…here goes. Undid the seat belt and made my way to the aisle by ducking down behind the seats. But there’s no cover here. So, stand up straight and walk with dignity towards the back of the plane. I could hear a voice behind me, telling me to sit, but it faded out as I was totally focused on the toilet up ahead. The cramps were now so strong. Though I stared straight ahead at the door handle, I could see from the corner of my eye that the passengers were turning to look at me. But I was past caring. Just a few more steps and I would be saved! But on reaching the door, a stewardess stepped out from behind the curtain and told me that I must sit down. I looked at her with pleading eyes and said that I was on the point of being very sick….and remember her saying something about there being a bag for that in the seat pocket. I held onto the door handle and just then, the plane lurched as it hit some turbulence. I lost my grip and sprawled across a couple sitting near. I became aware that my skirt was up and my arse exposed. And then it came. With a rush and a wet farting sound. My panties were suddenly full. I tried to get myself up. The smell was over-powering. I felt the stewardess pulling at me arm to get me back onto my feet and then I looked down and saw shit all over the floor at me feet. The hot tears of shame came. She opened the toilet door for me and I throw myself inside and as i do,catch myself in the mirror. I am a mess. Mascara has run down my face. My hair is a mess. And my skirt and panties are covered in poop. I take them off and then sit down and cry.

    How much time past I have no idea. But there came a soft knocking at the door. At first I didn’t want to open it, but the knocking persisted. Opening up a crack, I was met by the kind look of the stewardess. She passed me some towels, soap and a uniform, her spare one which she said I could mail back to her. She said not to worry, and that she was sorry for not seeing me problem earlier. Once cleaned and dressed, she took me to the area away from the public and had me spend the trip there, with the other stewardesses. Though I was at first very embarrassed, everyone there was very chatty. No-one mentioned what had happened…and soon I felt much better. You know, dressed in the uniform, with the other girls, I began to feel right at home. I stayed at the back for the whole of the trip, and on saying thank you and goodbye, realized that my fear of flying was gone.

   Of course, explaining to my parents as to why I was dressed in that uniform was another story.

Happy Husband

    We have two computers in our house. I have a portable and my husband, who more or less works for home, has a PC in the home “office”. The other morning I needed to check some E-mails but then realized that I’d left my portable at my work. My husband was out  and so I thought I would use his, though I must say that I had never used it before as I don’t want to accidently mess up any work he has on there. When I sat down and started looking through the icons trying to find the web browser I noticed that he had left some internet pages “reduced” down on the toolbar. Thinking one of these might be something to do with web mail I clicked. And I got a huge surprise! 

    It opened up to a web site that dealt with shitting, well, shitting in your pants. I think that’s what it was about. At first I thought that there must of been some mistake and that I’d accidently opened this site. But I then noticed that he had Notebook open and was in the middle of writing to this web sites forum. He wrote about the joys of pooping himself, and how on that very morning he had gone to the loo and pooped in his pajamas  He also wrote he wished that one day, he could share his fetish with his wife….errr…that’s me! He spoke of his often imagining me making a huge pantypoop for him, whether during sex, or just secretly whilst I’m doing the housework. The strange thing is, that when I first saw the site, I thought “how disgusting”, but after reading my husbands writings, I realize that he really does love me very much and would just like to share his enjoyment with me.

     Well, I just sat there, slightly stunned! I’d accidently discovered a side of my partner I never dreamt existed  And I gradually realized that it was important to him. And the more I thought about it, the more comfortable I became with the idea…after all, it’s just a poop! So, in order to “test” myself, I decided to try and make a poop in my panties, to see how it feels or even if I can do it at all. 

    After finding a pair of old panties I went to the bathroom (for some unexplained reason I locked the door…even though I was alone in the house!). I took off all my clothes except the panties and stood in front of the full length mirror. I have a nice body with large but firm tits, a flat stomach and a nicely rounded arse. I bent over and examined the panties from behind. Now I hadn’t been for a poop that morning as I was planning on doing my E-mails first. I could feel that there was something ready to come out. So I pushed. But nothing happened. And so I pushed again, I mean I really strained, but still nothing moved. I caught myself in the mirror and saw that my face was red for the effort. A feeling of embarrassment and mild frustration came over me. I sat down on the toilet to think. On sitting, I felt my bowels moving. And then it struck me. I was trying too hard. There was a “hang-up” in the back of my brain telling me that this was “wrong” or “dirty”, and so it was stopping my body, but because sitting on the loo was “right”, by body had no problem there. So I just needed to relax. 

    I thought about how happy my husband would be to see me there trying to poop. Maybe he could be spying on me through a crack in the door. I imagined him watching whilst  jerking his dick. I stood up and bent forwards. I would love suck him as he looked over my body into the mirror and watched with expectation. Suddenly I felt the poop coming. Sliding out in one smooth but swift motion and making my white panties bulge outwards. It was hot and wet and the smell was over-powering. I imagined his hard cock jerking and then shooting a huge load of sperm down my eager throat  I stood up and turned to look at myself in the mirror. The poop had made a dark brown stain in the gusset. I moved my buttocks with my hands and could feel the poop smearing itself over my ass cheeks. And I also realized that I was hot!

     Now I knew that I could do it. I felt really good about myself. Tomorrow there’s going to be one very happy man in this house!