Panty Pooping Stories

Tales From The Pooped Gusset of

Office Accident

Today began like any other but before lunch rolled around it had become one of the worst in recent memory. My alarm went off at 6:30AM and I rolled out of bed, put my jogging outfit on, and headed out the door for my morning run. I love the feeling of the cold air blowing through my hair and filling my lungs as I run every morning. Today I did three miles before returning home for a shower.

Once I was cleaned up I pulled a pair of black satin fullback panties and a matching bra from my dresser and began getting ready. After hooking the bra around my back I went to my closet and pulled out my favorite skirt suit. I put the white satin blouse on first and then pulled the coat over that. Finally I slid the skirt up my legs and zipped up the side. This was my favorite suit because the skirt gripped my ass like a glove and I always turned heads in it. When I ride in the elevator to my office I always make sure to stand in the front so everyone can get a good look at my tight ass. I also like to bend over occasionally while men are watching. In short, I’m a bit of tease.

At 8:00 I left my apartment and headed for work. Three years ago I was hired by a Washington, D.C. law firm right out of college. The first two years were a brutal grind through 80 hour weeks and awful assignments. That’s standard practice though. I was just beginning my fourth year now and I had earned the respect of my superiors along with juicier cases that would test my skills as a lawyer.

At 8:30 I arrived in my office and began my workday. Two days ago I had been given a high profile civil lawsuit involving a patent holder making infringement claims against a high profile electronics company. A victory would mean an eight figure settlement and a big raise for me. While sitting at my desk I ate a high fiber muffin and pored over the depositions taken so far in the case. It looked as though we had a very good chance to win and I was excited at the possibilities.

By the time I pulled my head out of the papers it was 11:00 and I needed to go to the bathroom badly. I usually like to poop at home to avoid the embarrassment of stinking up the office bathroom but I had neglected to do so this morning. Squeezing my anus tightly to prevent any unwanted accidents I walked to the nearest women’s bathroom only to find it locked. I made a beeline for the next closest bathroom and found an out of order sign hanging on the door.

All of a sudden I began to panic. Those were the only two bathrooms on our floor. I rushed to the elevator with my anus still clenched tightly and punched the button for the floor above us. There was another law firm located there and I didn’t think they’d have a problem with me using their bathroom.

Once the elevator doors opened I practically ran out and asked the secretary in the entryway where the nearest bathroom was. She politely informed me that all of their bathrooms were out of service due to a pipe having burst. Now in a full panic state I rushed back onto the elevator before the door shut and punched the button for the lobby. The bathrooms down there were public, large, and would almost certainly be working.

I was on the 25th floor though and it was a long way down. I leaned back against the railing and squeezed my ass tightly. I was now fighting with my body to keep the poop inside. When the elevator dinged at the 14th floor I lost the battle and my bowels emptied into my panties. Immediately I felt a hot, wet, and heavy sensation in my panties. The elevator was empty but my face burned with shame at having lost control of myself. How could I have been so stupid? Why did I put off going to the bathroom for so long when it was just down the hallway?

With very little time to think I considered my options. I could still go to the public bathroom in the lobby and just throw my panties away. I could go back to my office and put my panties in the trash and tie up the bag. I could also just pull the emergency stop button on the elevator and stay in there all day long so no one would ever find out about my shameful mistake.

In the end I decided that since the elevator was already headed to the first floor I would simply flush my panties down the toilet and go back to work. The elevator stopped at the 10th floor and three guys got on. They all gave me a once over as they stepped to the back of the elevator. Little did they know that a shameful secret currently rested in the backside of my panties, making a mess of the soft satin.

More people got on at the fifth floor and by the time we reached the lobby the elevator was nearly full. I had gotten stuck near the front and so I was the first off when the doors opened. As I walked away I heard a few snickers and cries of dismay. Right away I knew that my tight skirt had done me in and the lump of poop in my panties was showing through. My earlier shame was nothing in comparison to the white hot embarrassment I now felt.

As I strode towards the bathroom I imagined people staring and pointing at my ass, laughing at me. I refused to look back to see if my nightmare was coming true though; knowing would have been far more humiliating that simply imagining it. Finally I reached the bathroom and quickly found myself a stall. I pulled up my skirt, took off my shoes, and threw my panties into the toilet. Without even looking I flushed them down and said goodbye to the vicious nightmare I had just lived. After cleaning myself thoroughly with reams of toilet paper I let my skirt fall back down and headed back to my office, my dignity having been reclaimed. Once I was in my office I found a pair of panties in the back of one of my drawers (what luck!). I was whole again but it took me hours to regain my composure and feel right again.

Tom’s Story

It was a bright Saturday afternoon in mid July, it was a perfect day for the out door types who enjoyed nice mild summers that weren’t too hot. It was approximately 2:00 PM eastern time and I was firing up the grill on the balcony of my apartment. Just as I was going to my car to go grocery shopping for some meat, I ran into Jessica. Jessica was a beautiful, somewhat blunt spoken and out going, tom boyish type of woman in her mid twenties. At 5’8 weighing approximately 135 pounds, she was a beautiful brunette with a nice firm body with a slightly curvy shape any man would love to be accompanied by, along with her easy going, and down to earth personality. That day, she was wearing a pair of stretch sweat pants, and a nice fitted T shirt. It appeared she was on her way to the gym. Her fitness habits was another plus about her personal attributes as a woman, she obviously was on to take care of herself. As I walked by her, I said “Hi” and she smiled back at me while returning the greeting. We stopped and talked for a couple of minutes and then she told me that she must get going because she had some important business she must attend to after her work out. 

After I came back from the store, I pulled into my parking spot and went to check my mail. On my way to the mail boxes, I ran into Serena. Serena was a somewhat trashy type of women, in a sexy way. She often has a bad attitude towards other people and often had conflicts with a lot of the other tenants in the building. Serena was 5’2 and weighed about 160 pounds, but all of her weight was in the right parts of her body. She had 38 DD size breast, and a nice plump behind on her you often would see in a Rap video. She was Black and had long natural hair that extended down to the small of her back. She also liked to wear a lot of jewelry and skimpy clothes all the time. She would even dress up for short trips to the convenient store from time to time. Today she was wearing a tight mini skirt with a small ruffled sleeved button up shirt that showed her cleavage. She was looking extra sexy today, and also looked as though she just got back from someone’s house considering she hasn’t been home all night.

Lately there has been slight tension between Jessica and Serena but not enough where it has caused any incidences in the complex, just a little bickering back and forth every once in a while over little things concerning the apartment and, the parking spaces Serena would often park in that wasn’t her designated spot. As I started to fire up the grill and prepare my food for cooking, Jessica came back from the gym. I asked her how her work out was hoping to finish the conversation we started earlier, but she was still in a rush unfortunately and jumped right into the shower when she went in her apartment unit. 

Little did I know however, today was going to be the most entertaining day of my life filled with a event that I would not expect to take place and turn out the way it did. As I started to take the meat off the grill, I heard some one yelling out in the parking lot. When I went to see what the commotion was, I discovered it was Serena and Jessica up in each others face. I never expected the tension between these two to ever get to this point, but it all came cleared to me when I eventually found out Serena fucked Jessica’s boy friend last night. 

After yelling at each other for a few minutes, Serena decided to take a shot at Jessica. Little did Serena realize Jessica happens to be a Black belt in Kenpo Karate, and on top of that, she keeps herself fit? Serena on the other hand, hasn’t been in a fight since she was in sixth grade. As soon as Serena landed a hit that nailed Jessica on the cheek (which had very little affect on Jessica), Jessica returned with a quick jab that sent Serena to the ground on her plump ass. Serena tried to get back to her feet, but ended up being assisted by Jessica to her feet when Jessica pulled her up by her head. After that, Jessica proceeds to pummel her with an arsenal of punches that seemed to leave Serena in a daze. In the midst of the assortment of punches she was taking, Serena attempted to run from Jessica in a hasty retreat, but failed to get away when Jessica simply grabbed her by the arm and continued to man handle Serena as though she was just a child. Jessica continued by complimenting the beating with several slaps to Serena’s face, and eventually Jessica ripped Serena’s skirt off as she held Serena down with one arm on her stomach. If that wasn’t humiliating enough for Serena, as Jessica sat on top of Serena back while pulling back on her arms, Serena seem to have shit herself. As Serena laid helplessly on her stomach, the shit eased its way out of her asshole, and made a nice wet mark on the backside of her hip hugger panties that fit nice and tightly around her plump ass. Eventually Jessica smelled the aroma of shit, and said to Serena, “Did you shit yourself you nasty bitch?” Serena did not reply; as she was too busy spending her breath on struggling to get up from underneath Jessica. Jessica eventually eased off of Serena, but not to let her go as Serena thought for a minute while still in a dazed from the slaps and punches she took from Jessica. As soon as Serena got to her feet, Jessica grabbed her from the front, lifted Serena off her feet by grabbing her under her arm pits, carried Serena over to a picnic bench, and sat her down on the bench as though Serena was a baby who needed to be changed out of a dirty diaper. As soon as Jessica sat Serena on the table, she held Serena in place by the shoulder with one hand, and slapped Serena some more with her other hand. Watching this really got me aroused, but surprisingly I was more turned on by Serena than I was by Jessica. My eyes did not once break contact from the sight of Serena’s shit filled panties on the table. I was getting very aroused by the sight of Serena’s shit filled panties and ass with getting the shit mashed all around on her gusset and the table. Eventually I stopped Jessica from furthered punishing Serena, and told her to go inside and cool off. On her way up, Jessica shouted out to Serena, “Bet that will teach you to NOT fuck my man, HOE!” 

After Jessica left, I picked up what was left of Serena’s skirt, and help Serena up the stairs, she was still in a daze, but was conscious enough to remember what happen. She stated to me, “I’ll never fuck with that bitch again”.  As soon as I helped her in her apartment, I asked if she needed any help, she replied, “Yes please.” So I help her out of her shit soiled panties. As soon as she cleaned her ass, one thing went from another, and we ended up having a good hour long fuck. It looks like in the end, Serena was the winner, and she got the dick. To this day, I will go to her apartment, and she will shit her panties for me before I give her a good spanking for being such a naughty girl.

A Walk Home to Remember

It was a mildly warm Saturday night in August; at that time a young beautiful girl named Angie was on her way to a party she was invited to earlier in the week.  Angie was a somewhat busty blond in her mid twenties. She had beautiful green eyes, thick hips, and a nice round plump ass that any man could not take their eyes off of when she was in their presence. That night, Angie decided to wear one of her favorite outfits for going out in. Her clothes consisted of a small button up blouse she would wear with the top buttons unbutton to show her beautiful cleavage; a short mini skirt that shows the very bottom portion of her pink round ass, a garter belt with black knee high stockings and, knee high leather boots that added finishing touches to the sex appeal of her outfit. At the party, Angie drunk a lot of beers and enjoying herself in an intoxicated state where she interacted with several guys who where present at the party, she even went into the bathroom with one guy who fucked her aggressively. Angie was a wild party girl who often found herself at the sexual mercy of a random stranger on weekends. Eventually it came time for the party to end and regardless of the fact Angie had to shit really bad, she decided she could hold it until she got home, which was only about a block from the party she attended. On her way home, the urge to shit suddenly got stronger and, it began to dawn upon her that she may not be able to further contain her bowl movement. Angie tried as hard as she could to hold it but, eventually she stopped while squeezing her butt cheeks and, suddenly a large turd slid out of her plump ass into her small brief hip-hugger panties. After the first turd slid out, a seal was broken where another long turd just slid out uncontrolled into her panties until her panties where filled with a large bulge sticking out exposing her naughty act. Angie continued to walk home hoping no one would stop and ask her if she needed a ride like random strangers usually do after a late night of partying. But just as she though she was home free, as she came within only a few hundred feet within her house, a man pulled over to the side of her and asked if needed a ride. At first, Angie was reluctant to hop in the vehicle, but in her impaired state, she jumped into the stranger’s vehicle for a ride. As the man was pulling into her driveway, the man was wondering what that stench was he was smelling throughout the ride, Angie told him it might just be something outside, but as soon as she got out of his seat, the stranger saw what happened and asked her if he could come in, surprised at his interest in her, after she knew he discovered what she did, Angie invited him. After talking for about twenty minutes, Angie was surprised to learn her new found sex partner was turned on by her embarrassing moment. After they talked about it what happened, the man give Angie a good spanking for her naughty deed, and fucked her aggressively. To this day, Angie and the man she met that night get together and relive that night.


   My girlfriend and I have always enjoyed an open minded and diverse sexual life together. Recently we’ve been experimenting with “bondage”. She likes the idea of having to be totally submissive…and I really get off on her being helpless and kinda at my mercy. When we started playing with bondage and the use of restraints, she always told me that she trusted me not to hurt her, and to that end, I should ignore her pleadings for release. Being helpless was a huge turn-on for her and she loved watching me use her how ever I wanted. For example, during our more “normal” sex life, she doesn’t like anal or me cumming on her face, but during our bondage games she accepts it as part and parcel of our role playing. And I love giving her a good facial after giving her a thorough ass fucking! 

   One evening just after I’d tied her up, my hand brushed against the side of her body and I notice that she squirmed. She was ticklish! Well, I started tickling her sides and she thrashed around and swore at me. Wow, game on! I told her that if she couldn’t control her potty mouth, then I wound have no choice but to gag her. And so I tickled her some more. Her face grew redder and redder. She cussed me and promised me all sorts of suffering if I didn’t stop.  Well, I told her that this was the final warning. And her reply? She spat at me. This was getting really wild and I could feel my cock getting hard. So I knelt down besides her, put one knee into her spine, pulled her head back and fitted the gag ball. By now she was mad as hell and when she made eye contact, her look was a mixture of pleading and absolute hatred.

    I ran my hand slowly down her back and then let my fingers explore her wet, hot cunt. Once my thumb was covered in her juice, I gently wriggled it until it entered her tight little ass-hole, then put two fingers into her cunt and started finger fucking both her lovely holes. But I could wait no longer. Mounting her from behind I slid my cock into her pussy and started fucking. She was moving around and really seemed to be trying to fight me off…something that turned me on so much I thought I would cum that instance. I pulled out and told her that if she didn’t behave and lie still, then I’d be forced to “punish” her with an ass fucking. But at this, she started squirming and struggling even more. Well, a promise is a promise. I reached down and guided my swollen cock into her very tight ass. Boy did she start struggling. I could barely keep my cock inside of her. So I started fucking her, slowly and gently. 

     And just like that, she suddenly stopped moving and seemed to relax. I looked down at the side of her face, and to my surprise, saw a hot tear roll down her cheek. I checked myself…maybe I’d gone to far. I gently pulled my cock out and almost at the same time a strong smell of shit hit my nostrils. I looked down and saw a huge poop being pushed out. I was (to put it mildly) a little stunned. So this was the real meaning of “being helpless”. I realized that she had been pleading with me that she needed to go to the toilet. But I was the “master”…and not only had forbidden her, but had fucked her for her impudence. Wow…these thoughts were making my cock hard again. I rolled her over and started jerking off and after just a few moments, shot a huge load of sperm all over her face. Yeah baby!

     Later, after she had cleaned herself whilst I made us both a coffee, she admitted that this was by far and away the hottest sex ever. She agreed with me that this was the real meaning of helplessness. She wondered if I had minded and I told her that it was the most erotic experience of my life. She said that the only thing missing for her was the ability to finger herself to orgasm at the same moment as the shit was being pushed out. And with a kiss, I promised that I would take care of that the next time!

Sex Poop

    Hi, my name is Sharon, and I live in New York. Around three years ago I got divorced. As a single mum, and sole wage earner, it’s been difficult to meet potential partners, and in truth, I haven’t had any sexual contact (apart from my own fingers!) for all this time. It’s not easy, and sometimes the desire is so strong that I imagine myself picking up guys in the street or the local bar. But  it’s all just fantasy, as I’m also very shy.

    Recently I’ve had some problems at work with my overbearing boss. So much to do and so little time….and I hate being late to collect my son from the kindergarten. When I’m stressed I tend to start eating to cheer myself up. And so it was last week, one evening, running into the school, I bumped into the father of one of my sons’ friends. He was carrying lots of papers which were sent fling to every directions. We both apologized as we scrabbled around on our knees collecting his work, and rather awkwardly ended up both clutching at the last sheet, almost face to face. I must of blushed. When we finally stood, I explained my rush and in doing so mentioned that I was a single mum. Well, he then explained that he too was a single parent and said he totally understood the constant juggling of time between child and work. He asked for my number and we arranged a date. Whoop whoop!!

     And so, yesterday evening I found myself doing my make-up, and I must of tried on every dress I had, sometimes twice. I so wanted this night to be a success, though to be honest, I hadn’t really thought about what “success” would mean. Any way, the baby sitter arrived and I kissed my son goodnight and purposely strode out to the waiting cab. I’ll skip the dinner date details, but suffice to say it went very well, very well indeed. So much so, that I was able to call the baby sitter and tell her that I’d be home early the next morning.

     Not only was he handsome, but also had wonderful manners (something my ex was sadly lacking in) and really knew how to treat a lady (that’s me!!). Later that evening I found myself sitting in his designer apartment, sipping Martinis and enjoying the view of Central Park from the balcony (did I mention that he was rich, as in RICH!). He told me that he had been faithful to his wife and since their divorce last year, hadn’t had a girlfriend. So sexually, we were both chomping at the bridle, so to speak. 

     Of course one drink led to another, which led to us ending up on the bed. And then, before I knew what I was doing, I had taken his swollen cock into my hungry mouth as I felt his fingers working my wet cunt. Now I should confess that I really needed the loo at that moment, but didn’t want to lose the “momentum” of finally getting laid. So I told myself to hold it in. pretty soon he had his head between my legs and was noisily slurping away. It was wonderful. A dream come true. And as he licked me, I felt him slide a finger into my butt hole. Boy, that also felt so good. But….I was now becoming more aware of the need to poop. But made an even more determined effort to hold it in….though his finger sliding in and out didn’t help matters.

      After licking and sucking his cock, I slid a condom on and climbed on top, cowgirl style. The feeling of a hard and hot cock, slipping into my creamy cunt was undescribable and I knew that I would soon orgasm. He pulled me to him and started sucking on my tits. I felt his hands around my buttocks, gripping me tightly as he started thrusting. I could feel his cock throbbing inside and felt his thumb rubbing my clit. I was cumming  So strongly. And as I came, thrashing around, he slide a finger up my arse hole. Not a good idea! I was squeezing my muscles so hard, concentrating on my orgasm, that his finger loosened my tightly clutched butt…..and before I could do anything, I felt a huge, hot, wet and slimy shit being expelled. I’d been dreaming of this fuck for three years, and now this! I felt the hot flush of embarrassment. I wanted to roll off and escape into the night. But he continued gripping me, and suddenly groaned loudly and I felt his hot cum filling up the condom inside me. 

      When he fell back into the covers, his eyes were shining and he was smiling at me. There was a horrible and acrid smell and looking down I saw a huge shit smeared over his legs and the bed sheets. I felt terrible. But he told me that there was nothing to be ashamed of. That accidents happen. And that an accident like this was really very exciting for him. He said that he had never cum so strongly in his life. He really did seem very happy.

     After we cleaned up, and after I’d had a goodnight drink, he kissed me goodbye and gave me his number. He said it had been a wonderful evening and apologized for “going to fast” on the first date….and that he would try and be more romantic on the next. He said that everything that had happened had happened for a reason.

     Funny thing is that I never called him again, and never returned his many calls. Pooping myself whilst having sex was just an unlucky accident and I had no reason to want to do it again in order to please him. guess I’ll need to be waiting another three years!

A BBW’s Race to the Bathroom

     It’s the crack of dawn on what appears is going to be a nice warm sunny day on the beach in a small town on the East coast with a slight breeze keeping the weather bearable for the residents  who reside there.

Theresa was just waking up on this beautiful morning with plans to carry out her new routine of going for a walk every morning after making a new resolution on New Years Eve two days ago. She had a goal to lose weight so exercise was of course her main objective to reach her new goal. Theresa is an attractive BBW with delicious curves that would attract any man, especially when she wore fitted clothing that showed off her luscious curves which of course she often does as she enjoyed the attention she often received from men and, women alike. As Theresa got ready for her daily routine, she took some laxatives with intentions of it not having its affect until after she finished her walk which usually was about 45 minutes the last first couple times her started walking.

After taking the laxatives (which she uses to help shed a little weight), Theresa got dressed into her exercise clothes. She put on a pair of grey tight leggings and, a hooded sweatshirt that left her nice plump ass exposed for the pleasurable viewing of any spectators who would have the privilege of seeing her out on her daily walk. Her leggings also where so tight, she had a camel toe that exposed almost every detail of her fat pussy as well, as her plump ass that spectators often enjoyed as they fantasized about. Along with that, she also liked to wear running shoes with some leg warmers that added to the sex appeal of her look.

After Theresa finished getting dressed; she grabbed her keys, went out the door and, proceeded to go on her morning walk. As Theresa was walking along the beach, there was already a small amount of people on the beach walking as well. Theresa drew a lot of stares as usual. Some people gazed at her fantasizing about her in their own mind as to what they would like to do to her in the bedroom. Others simply just glanced at her and, went about their own daily routine.

As Theresa continued walking, her stomach started to rumble a little but, she ignored it thinking she was still hungry even though she had a small snack before getting dressed that morning. She also considered maybe it was the fact she treated herself to pizza the night before as she was slightly lactose intolerant.

After Theresa reached the half way point and; started to make her way back towards her house, her stomach began feeling more and, more upset. Again she ignored the fact that the laxatives may have taken affect earlier than she expected and, continued to walk at a brisk pace. After a while however, Theresa’s stomach started to feel more upset and, she finally had to slow her pace a little.  Eventually Theresa found herself in a dilemma as she knew she had to squeeze her ass cheeks because it started to get to the point she was going to have a bowl movement.

The urge to shit was coming and, going from time to time as Theresa approached her house. Eventually Theresa managed to make it close to her front door but, the urge to shit was so bad she had no choice but to squeeze her chubby ass cheeks and walk very slowly. As Theresa thought she was going to make it, the urge to shit was so bad she had to bend over while squeezing her ass cheeks to prevent her unfortunate accident from occurring.

After two minutes have passed, Theresa was able to stand back up straight and, tried fumbling for her keys. In the panicking process, Theresa dropped her keys and, in a panic state she was trying to retrieve her keys from the ground so she could hurry inside and, make it to the bathroom. However as Theresa was picking up her keys and, attempting to unlock the door, Theresa felt a rush like she never felt in her life, All of a sudden Theresa let out a loud wet fart that was only seconds followed by a stream of wet feces that quickly filled her pants. Theresa felt the warm wetness all over her chubby ass and, shit continued to fill her backside and, eventually started to run down the back of her legs. She also felt some of it fill towards the front of her leggings as the mess went as far the bottom portion of her fat pussy.

Eventually Theresa made it inside her house. As she walked in, Theresa felt the wet, warm and, runny shit sliding around in her leggings. This experience was embarrassing for her as she felt as though she was a naughty little juvenile that couldn’t control her bowl movement. She felt so naughty yet, something about the experience was a turn on for her as well. As Theresa was making her way upstairs towards the bathroom, an obvious messy sight of her shit soiled leggings was a clear indicator that she had been a naughty girl. When she went into the bathroom, Theresa slowly pulled her leggings down as, shit was pouring out onto the floor. Her ass had feces smeared all over it with some smeared on the back of her thighs. Theresa sat down on the toilet to excrete the rest of her feces before she would jump into the shower to clean herself up.

After Theresa finished on the toilet, she stripped all the way down naked and, ran hot water to clean herself. She also noticed she was going to have to mop the floor due to her spilling her mess from her pants onto the floor. This was a day Theresa will never forget and, strongly enough she secretly wants to have another day like this.


Mara’s Accident

      Mara woke up early Saturday, she had been suffering from a cold for 3 days and she finally felt better. She had taken so much medicine that her whole system was off. Her appetite was the best it had ever been, but she hadn’t gone number 2 since Wednesday. Mara decided not to worry about it and planned to take a walk to her friend Michelle’s. Michelle lived 2 miles from her but the walk would do her good she thought, and who knows, maybe by the time she returned home she would finally have the urge to relieve herself.

Mara called Michelle and told her she would be there by noon. Mara got dressed in her tan fatigues, a pair of pants that were like military style with wide flap pockets in the back and long deep pockets in the front. She wore her faded red top and her matching woven beige slip on shoes. Mara left her house around 10:30 so she would be on time. Her walk was very nice as the fresh air and the bright sun made Mara feel so good after being cooped up for 3 days at home.

Mara arrived at Michelle’s and they talked and sat around as girls in there late teens do. Mara’s mom called and told her to be home around five for dinner. Mara left Michelle’s around 3:30 looking forward to a nice dinner at home. As Mara walked back she felt very funny almost like she was going to be sick. Mara started to feel kind of weak and stopped. All at once Mara felt the pain shift and she knew now she had to go to the bathroom and she had to go real bad. 

Mara walked swiftly slowing every once in a while to regain her composure. Mara’s concentration was fixed on her plight. Mara thought; the park that’s it. I will go there and do it! Mara lost her nerve when she saw that there were a lot of people around. Mara was so afraid that she wouldn’t make it home she began to get nervous which didn’t help her need to crap at all!

Mara was 3 blocks from home when she stopped and stood on a corner with her legs crossed. Mara was in need and she was out of ideas. Mara slowly uncrossed her legs and walked trying not to think about the warm mess she was holding back. As she got to her block a very strong cramp hit and Mara had to stop walking. She hobbled in a very strange tight position toward a driveway. Mara stood there with her face toward the street. Mara looked around nervously. Mara face was red, her brow was sweating and worst of all, her tan pants were becoming heavy and changing color! Mara stood still as a pile formed in her pants. She hadn’t gone in so long that it felt like it wasn’t going to stop. Mara felt a huge log poke out her pants and then another and another. Mara slowly put her legs apart to accommodate the tremendous load she was pooping into her tan fatigues. 

The tall thin blonde stood with her legs apart and her knees slightly bent as she loaded her pants. Humiliating thoughts raced through Mara’s head as the warm poop explored the seat of Mara’s formerly tan khakis. Mara finally stopped. She looked back and saw what looked like melon size dump sagging in her pants!

Mara began the long walk down her street in her poop packed pants. As she walked she could feel the load sway back and forth in her stained khakis. Mara’s walk was slow and stiff but with all her concentration the pile slowly made it’s way down Mara’s right pant leg. Mara walked to her house and dreaded going in. What was she going to say if mom saw? Mara approached the door slowly and as quiet as she could. As she opened it she heard mom yell “Mara? Is that you?