Panty Pooping Stories

Tales From The Pooped Gusset of

Panty Poop Revenge

    This is really a warning to all you men out there who think that we girls are willing to just drop everything any time you feel horny. Sorry to break it to you, but we like to have sex…but not all the fucking time! My last boyfriend had the social graces of a camel, all slobber and lips, all in the hope of some action. Sometimes, after a tiring day, all I want to do is to go to bed to read or watch TV and just be relaxed. And it’s all so nice and peaceful when I’m alone up stairs. But at around midnight, when he’s tired of football or the Internet, he’ll come up and then starts the trouble. Whether I’m asleep, pretending to be a sleep, or I’m awake reading, his hands start getting fidgety and quickly find there way either directly to my tits, or directly to my cunt. Trying to lick my jugs or thrusting a finger inside me is not going to work….I’m tired and this just isn’t the moment. But they will persist.

    The other night I was tired, a bit “emotional” after a hard day at the office, and just wanted some space and time to myself. It was late, and I was gradually losing my bad mood by getting deeper and deeper into the novel I was reading. I can feel the stress gradually fading. Now, whilst comfortably lying in bed, I did feel the slight need to poop, but I was happy just to wait until the urge became stronger. My novel had taken hold of me, and I didn’t want to put the book down. But after a few more pages, I could feel the tension in by bowels and was developing into cramps. But still I told myself I could wait (it’s true, I could of simply taken the book to read in the loo, but as I’m always telling my boyfriend off for doing that, I can’t very well do it myself).

    And just then, right on fucking cue, in comes my idiot half and jumps on the bed. Maybe he’s been watching porn on the Internet, but he’s horny as fuck and his sweaty hand goes straight up my nightshirt and grabs my breast. He starts kissing my neck (as if that’s going to work!) and at the same time, as if I somehow wouldn’t notice, he sneakily puts his other hand between my legs. And here I am, trying to read and not to shit.

    To say that I became pissed would be a huge understatement. At first I tried to pretend dis-interest, and then to try and shove him off of me. Neither worked and he just came back with the “Oh come on baby, you know you want to…”. I then realized that to teach this little muppet some respect, I’d have to stop fighting against him as my physical strength cannot compete. No, I should use his own power against him (very Zen!). 

    So I let myself relax, opened my legs and reached out for his cock. I slowly started jerking him off and could feel his fingers slipping in and out of my cunt. But all I could think about was my now pretty desperate need to poop. No matter. I let go his cock, pulled my panties to one side and gently pushed his head down until I could feel his tongue working on me. After a minute or so, I stood up and pulled him onto the bed and laying him down, I got over him and straddled his face with my hot cunt, whilst taking his hard cock into my mouth. I could feel his excitement as the head of his cock grew larger in my mouth and from the throbbing I knew that he was close to cumming. And for his part, he was eating me out. I could feel his fingers moving over my ass, then inside my panties and soon a couple were inside me, finger fucking me hard. And this being my boyfriend, I knew what comes next. Yep, a thumb or finger into my ass. 

    As his finger slid into shit hole, then I felt my bowels squeeze. I pushed hard and at the same time griped his head between my legs. There was to be no escape! From behind I heard a gasp as his finger was pushed out and I felt a huge hot shit sliding out into my panties, not an inch away from his face. And then I sat back. He struggled, and as he did so, I sucked extra hard on his cock and suddenly felt a huge spurt of sperm shoot into the back of my throat. By now my shit filled panties were pressing against his face, as I was rubbing myself to orgasm and yet he was still cumming. I came, and as I did, I let loose a huge, loud and smelly fart. Rolling off of him, he was red face, sweaty and gagging like a drowning man.

Walking towards the bathroom I told him that he was welcome to molest me any time, but that he should be aware of the consequences

The End

   One Friday, my boyfriend announced that we were to go camping that weekend. Now, let me start off by saying that I know nothing about camping or the countryside for that matter. It’s all bugs, dirt and lack of any home comforts. Why anyone with half a brain would choose to trek off into the wilds, to be cold, wet and miserable, with the added possibility of being eaten by a bear or stung to death by killer bees, when you could be at home with your feet up, eating snacks whilst  watching your favorite soap. But, to keep the other half happy I agreed.

   After driving out of our lovely drive it went as follows; highway, dirt road, dirt track, forest path, no path…until we reached our destination (that is where by boyfriend says we should pitch camp)…a dark shit hole, with a view of a shitty colored lake and all enjoyed to the music caused by millions of buzzing mosquitoes. yeah, great! And to cap it all, I was bursting for a shit!

   Call me foolish, but for some unknown reason, I kinda imagined that there would be toilet facilities at the very least. Well, was I in for a shock. My boyfriend threw me a roll of toilet paper and gestured towards the dark woods. Are you fucking kidding me! I’m not going in there…..I want to take a shit, not become the shit of some wild animal. All this proved very amusing to my boyfriend (as you can imagine, we have since split up!) and there he was, setting up the tent and laughing to himself. Fucker!

   Thing was, I really did need to take that dump. I was feeling pretty desperate and started having stomach cramps. My dick-headed boyfriend started going on about that he’d keep a watchful eye out for me and that I shouldn’t be worried….I should go only as far so that I could still see the camp. But no way was I venturing into the forest….even though nature was “telling” me that it might be for the best. Anyways, his going on about what a chicken I was, and what a safe townie and boring girl he’d chosen just got me mad. OK I thought, you want to see something, then check this out.

   And with that I bent over in front of him. He was kneeling tending the fire, and with my ass facing him, I bent and touched my toes. Jesus! Like a fucking RPG, my shit shot out with such a force that some of it failed to be caught in my panties and escaped from the sides. To my delight, he fell backwards, almost into the fire and stared at me with a stunned look. And the poop just kept coming, along with a huge fart. Yeah! I punched the air, told him he could lick my ass later. Looking up I saw that he was completely white. He had vomited. I told him the bears would be thankful for that. And then I skipped down to the lake to wash. I guess that after that, we were so fucking over!

Angel in the Vivid Sky Blue Pre-faded Cargo Jeans.

The year was 1980 and i was without a girlfriend once again after Lynn,the girl i was supposed to be going with told me that she had found another guy. Shortly after our union ended,i met a tall,plump ash-haired girl who i liked a bit more,except for one small problem-her tendency to fill her own panties with a very warm,pasty load of turds from her heavily shit-packed rectum.Her name was Cheryl, and she always wore a pair of very tight vivid sky blue pre-faded cargo jeans in public and at home in her North Cambridge apartment.In fact,the girl’s entire pants selection was made up of nothing but jeans in all sorts of shades of blue.Cheryl was a very heavy eater who pooped at least once per day but didn’t worry about filling her panties,most likely because she had been pooping in her under pants since she was 6 years old,first pooping in her panties and then sitting down in her shit-soiled panties to enjoy the feel of very warm,soft poop against her plump bottom.In fact,Cheryl pooped in her panties heavily so often that she even became immune to the putrid stink coming from her anus when she farted and pooped in her panties.                                           

Cheryl and i met at the wooded place near the railroad tracks after she had just eaten a very large,heavy meal of fried eggs,blueberry pancakes,mashed bananas,and fried fish fillets.After talking to her,i noticed a slight bulge on her the seat of her pre-faded sky blue cargo jeans with the side pockets on her jean legs and felt something very warm,soft,and mushy in her jean seat when she sat in my lap with her plump,curvy butt pushed snugly against my crotch,and as the tall,plump girl expelled anal gas out her butt hole which was so full of firmly solid poop that it was held open with a thick pile of banana turds packed tightly inside her anus and rectum,too,a pasty warm gushed out of her butt hole to stain her sapphire blue nylon underpants.Although she knew she was leaking muddy solid anal waste matter from her anal tunnel,Cheryl still insisted on going to eat lunch at the Chinese buffet,where there was an all -you-can-eat buffet.Clad in her black lace-up knee high leather ladies’ boots,pre-faded sky blue jeans,blue frilly shirt,and cyan blue neck scarf,Cheryl led me by the hand blissfully,not really caring that a small warm,soft,mushy pasty banana turd was pushing it’s way solidly and thickly out of her dirty,poop-stuffed anal canal.Both of us took large plates of Chinese food for our selves,but Cheryl took more than me because she wanted to experiment with stuffing herself to see just how much Chinese food she could fill her tummy with before she dirtied her panties with a thick,solid banana turd.Cheryl had quickly finished eating her first plate of food and had returned to our lunch table with an even larger plate full of noodles,veggies,pork,egg rolls,and and chicken then her first time ,not even aware that a solidly firm banana turd was pushing it’s way into her panty seat.The food tastes good as it always does,but i can’t eat all the Chinese food on my second plate,mostly because that first plate load had filled me up that i couldn’t eat any more without giving myself a severe stomach ache.Being both taller and plumper than me,Cheryl isn’t afraid of getting a tummy ache and fondly teases me about not being able to more than her,even tho she’s a girl.When i tell her that i can’t eat the rest of my Chinese food,she smiles softly,kisses me on the cheek,and tells me teasingly that she would be more than willing to accept and eat up all my Chinese food.Cheryl is almost too willing to accept my plate load of Chinese food,which she eats graciously,adding to the heavy bulk of solid food inner spacious tummy.That one thick banana log that’s already partly sticking out of her butt hole pushes itself out the rest of the way into the seat of Cheryl’s shimmery metallic sapphire blue panties,causing a decisive bulge,and soon,a solidly thick banana log pushes it’s way out of her heavily stuffed colon and rectum to sit tightly inside Cheryl’s anal canal,pushing it wide open.Cheryl has now eaten all of my food and now goes back for a third large plate load of food,not even concerned that her sapphire blue panties are inflating slowly but steadily.

Okay,Cheryl,this is getting rather gross because your panties are getting filled with rotten banana logs.Yuck,what a stink she has coming from her anus,which is now so full of rotten banana shit that Cheryl can’t even hold that pile of warm,soft anal mud inside her butt! As more pressure builds up inside her plumply round butt,two more warm,soft rotten banana turds push their way into her deep azure briefs,inflating them still more.People at the other table begin to sniff and smell the heavy dirty load of rotten banana turds that is pushing it’s way out of the tall ash-haired girl’s chubby,curvaceous bottom, and what a dirty,mushy load that pile of turds is,too!As Cheryl sits her blue denim clad plump thighs and butt in my lap,i feel the thickly mushy and very warm banana turd bulge that is now nearly as big as a melon.Although people smell the load in her shit-soiled panties, Cheryl takes little or no notice of the stinky aroma of banana turds as she farts in my lap to push three more cucumber sized turds into her panties,inflating them even more to create a bulge as large as a football in the seat of her panties,making them both very warm and rather sticky as she rubs the seat of her poop loaded jeans against my crotch,squashing her hefty pile of turds against her plump,curvy tush.Right about  now,Cheryl starts to become fully  aware of the dirty shit load filling up inside the seat of her panties and what a warm,mushy load it is! Having felt the seat of her sky blue jeans,Cheryl is now fully aware for sure but doesn’t freak out or burst into tears on finding a very bulky pile of warm,soft rotten banana turds in the seat of her panties.Instead,Cheryl laughs and then motions for me to follow her slowly out of the Chinese buffet,which i am only to glad to do.As soon as we are both a few feet from the restaurant,Cheryl hugs me with her plump,massive thighs and then leans her head back to laugh her butt off,but i don’t see what is so funny myself because Cheryl  has just disgraced and embarrassed herself as far as i was concerned. 

Night is starting to come on as Cheryl leads me by the hand to her third floor apartment and leads me literally by the hand.As we are walking into her pad,Cheryl unloads yet a few more very warm rotten banana logs into the seat of her sapphire blue panties,inflating them still more.After we get into her apartment,Cheryl leans back against me with shit-filled jean seat pressed tightly and is clearing enjoying her massive panty load ,which is now as large in volume as two footballs.Because it is now past eight o’clock,Cheryl asks me if i might want to stay the night undies with her plump thighs wrapped around me,and i agree to sleep in my undies after Cheryl has me scrub out her dirty,shit-loaded panties as well as the shit-soiled blue jeans.

Submitted by ian mckhann 

High School Algebra Class Incident

Friday afternoon had come with the really hot,humid weather when Jillian Grant found herself sitting in a very hot class room with at least twenty five other kids when a series of farts escaped from her anus into the seat of her underpants,creating a really rotten smell typical of girls who eat loads of bean and cheese burritos for lunch.Jillian sat next to a very tall long haired male redhead who always wore a green baseball cap to algebra class.Although Jillian was quite tall at 5 feet,11 inches high,the thin,handsome redheaded boy was still taller than her at 6 feet,3 inches high.

Jillian had worn very white jeans to class that day which were already grass stained on the knees and seat,which drew even more attention to her large plump behind.Jillian had gotten the grass stains on her knees by wrestling another girl on the front lawn during lunch break,which ,also,got Jillian very damp and sticky with sweat.As a result of her wrestling match with that other high school girl,Jillian was nearly late for algebra .If she was late for class again,Jillian would get detention for missing class time.Because Jillian was nearly late for class ,she had not emptied her bowels.Therefore,it was no wonder the seat of Jillian’s white jeans stank very strongly of shit when she farted into the seat of her panties.

Today was bean and cheese burrito day, and Jillian had eaten at least half a dozen burritos,causing her to fill her rectum with large volumes of poop.The fact that Jillian was a very heavy eater made it more than likely that she would have to struggle just to hold that gigantic pile of poop inside her anal tunnel.Suddenly,her bowels had started to let go,pushing the huge pile of warm,mushy banana turds into the seat of her panties against all her efforts to hold it inside her plump bottom.The tall red haired boy asked Jillian if she needed to go to the bathroom to have a poop,but she simply shook her head to hastily say no.Meanwhile,her panties had started to get slightly warm and sticky,as well as smelly. Another few farts escaped out of her anus,pushing a firm,thickly pasty banana turd out of her anus and into her panties,causing a slight bulge in the seat of her white snugly sexy jeans.

 In spite of all her efforts to keep herself neat and clean,Jillian Grant had lost the battle with her bowels and had then pushed out three more cucumber sized banana turds into the seat of her panties.Also,it didn’t help that she had eaten a very heavy meal of green enchiladas and refried pinto beans mixed with fire peppers and onions the night before friday’s algebra class because that extra load of bulk food fibre created  even more poop volume inside the large ,plump girl’s rectum which would end up sitting squashed in her panties.Even tho she wanted to get up to empty her bowels,Jillian knew she had to stick it out and hope the rest of the rotten banana turd load wouldn’t come gushing into the seat of her underpants.This was one of the few times the tall,black haired girl was glad she sat at the back of the classroom because she really didn’t want to soil her white jeans with a football sized load of poop in front of the tall red haired boy with the green baseball cap. With Only fifteen minutes to go in algebra class,Jillian did her best to focus on the various mathematic equations in hopes of holding in the larger volume of poop packed inside her plumply rotund bottom so that she could maintain little dignity she still had left.

Brian Hammond,the tall,lanky redheaded boy with most of his tomato red hair covered by a lime green baseball cap that was placed on top of his skull,sat watching Jillian to see what she was up to and  began to guess that something was wrong with the large,plump latino girl.Brian Hammond and Jillian Grant had at least three other classes together and had wanted to ask her out,but somehow,he couldn’t get up the nerve because she came from a family that had inherited large sums of money from at least three of her aunts and her maternal grand parents.Even tho Brian,the tall red haired boy had said hello to her each day in class,waved to her at the bus stop,and even asked her to study with him a few times,Jillian had mostly ignored him because her family wanted her to date a boy with some class who was rich like they were.There was another boy,a book-smart,snooty know-it-all kid named Walter Waggley,who came from money with extremely rich parents with fairly wavy dark brown hair who seemed to like Jillian but not Brian.Walt didn’t just dislike Brian Hammond;he hated him because the tall red haired boy always seemed to be around Jillian when Walt came to talk to her.Actually,Jillian wasn’t that fonder of Walt than she was of Brian but tended to hang out with him because Walter was friends with bunch of other really rich ,affluent kids who all had high prospects.

As Jillian sat trying to hold in her load of rotten banana turds,Walt continued to glare at Brian and made mean gestures with his fist to warn the tall,lanky redhead in the lime green baseball cap to stay away from Jillian.The algebra teacher,Mr.Parsons, gave the whole class several more problems to solve,all of which were answered by Walter as Jillian sat tensed up with a partial load of poop sitting in her panties.Walter first sniffed the air around Jillian’s panty seat before making a disgusted face at her for soiling her panties with poop.More poop began to push it self out of Jillian’s plump,round tush but she managed to clench her butt cheeks to hold it all in as the minutes  moved by slowly.Another three thick,warm banana turds pushed out of Jillian’s chubby,round butt to land heavily in her panties.By this time Jillian had lost control of her bowels as well as her dignity.Sure,it was true that Jillian did poop in her underpants at home because she liked the warm feel of  poop against her plump bottom but she didn’t want Walter to see her poop in her panties, well,simply because she knew it would gross him out.True enough,Walter was really disgusted and grossed out by Jillian pooping in her knickers to the point that he now found her to be lacking in class.Brian didn’t act disgusted or grossed out in the same way Walt had acted.In actual fact,Brian,the tall red haired boy actually liked Jillian but had been too afraid to ask her out in fear of her rejecting him.As the weeks rolled by,Jillian and Brian became friendlier and tended to spend more times together in the lunch room.

Jillian did continue to eat very heavily and pooped in her knickers quite a bit but only when she was with Brian because he didn’t freak out when she dirtied her knickers with a football sized pile of poop.Walter and his friends spent less and less time around Jillian now that she was spending time with that rather classless redhead,Brian Hammond,but they were such shallow,vain,selfish jerks anyway that she ceased to care.Brian started to change as well because he stopped wearing a baseball cap over his hair and even wore dress shirts and ties once in a while.Jillian never changed because Brian had told her that he liked her for the girl she was.

Submitted by ian mckhann 

The Cheer Squad

I was the only freshman at my college to make the cheer squad. It was a pretty rare accomplishment for a freshman to make the squad and as you can imagine some of my teammates weren’t all that welcoming. Girls can be brutal to each other under normal circumstances; when there’s a competition girls can get downright brutal. I had an uphill battle to fight to win these girls over but I was determined to show them that I belonged on the team just as much as they did.

The first week of practices went well, although the captain of the cheer squad always found a moment or two to shout at me for no particular reason. Through the first week I had been excellent. Still, the girls mercilessly made fun of my clothes, my shoes, my hair; they poked fun at anything they could think of. I constantly felt like I wasn’t enough for them, like they’d never let me inside the inner circle. I wore different clothes to practice, bought new shoes, and even wore different makeup to fit in.

The day of the eighth practice will live on forever in my mind as one of the worst I’ve ever had. Most of the day itself was fine but practice turned out to be a total disaster. The day began like any other with me getting up at 8:00 for class. I showered and ate breakfast before leaving the dorm and heading to Economics 101. After that I went to the library to study for a while and then it was Calculus.

I had a small bowl of pasta and a salad for lunch and then I went to my biology lab where we dissected a frog. I could have done without that but it was my last class of the day so I carried on and eventually made it through. After the lab I had two hours until cheer practice so I went back to my dorm room and had a snack while doing some homework. We were required to wear our cheer skirts and bloomers even for practice so I changed into them and ran over to the practice field.

I was one of the first to arrive and I began the traditional stretching exercises we do before each practice. Five minutes into my stretching I was alarmed to notice that I suddenly had to poop. I usually try and go to the bathroom before I leave for practice so that I don’t have any accidents. I hadn’t that day and I was now regretting it. It would have been a major faux pas to leave practice for anything, especially since the bathrooms were at least five minutes away.

Instead of leaving I stayed on the field and continued stretching. I hoped that the feeling would pass and I’d be able to take care of it after practice. When all the girls arrived we did a group stretching exercise and then began practice by learning a new dance routine. The steps were difficult and as my urge to poop became greater I found it even more difficult to do them properly. The captain was yelling at me constantly for missing steps and screwing up the jumps and the placement of my hands.

After thirty minutes of practicing the new cheer we took a break. I grabbed some water and assessed my situation. It didn’t appear that I would make it to the end of practice without pooping. Still, I was determined not to leave the field and give them all a reason to think of me as someone they couldn’t count on. On the other hand pooping my panties would be the most embarrassing thing thinkable.

In the end I decided to stay at practice and conquer my need to poop. It was that unfortunate decision that sunk me. After the break was over we resumed practicing the new cheer. Three steps into it I lost control of myself and in an instant had pooped my panties. I was in the back of the formation so no one could see the bulge of poop sticking out of my bloomers, but it was only a matter of time.

I didn’t know what to do so I kept on dancing. At the time it was the only thing that made sense. In hindsight I should have claimed a medical emergency of some sort so I could run have run off of the field and taken care of myself. I let my pride get the best of me though and I kept on dancing.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay in the back row for the rest of practice. The next cheer we rehearsed involved all the girls bending over and then coming back up in a wave. It looked great on the field but I was assigned to the front line for this cheer. When I heard the captain call out what we were doing my heart froze up. I asked her if I could be in the back on this one and she snapped at me to get into place.

I resigned myself to my fate and my ultimate shame and I walked to the front of the formation. I was the last girl to bend over and as soon as I did the inevitable happened. One of the girls commented on the bulge in the back of my panties and soon they were all looking at it. One of the girls said that I must have pooped my panties and they all burst out laughing. I stared straight ahead and my face burned hot with shame and tears welled up in my eyes.

All the girls had now gathered in their mutual mocking of me and I could hardly stand it. I wanted to run into the wood and die but I stood my ground, valiantly taking the abuse that I knew I deserved. Eventually the captain got control of the squad again and told me to go to the bathroom and clean myself up. She wasn’t kind about it though and it was as if it was a signal to the other girls that making fun of me was still okay.

I returned to practice that day with a clean pair of bloomers, although my dignity had not been restored. For the rest of the day I suffered through constant jabs and jibes about my loose bowels and dirty panties. In fact I’ve never lived down that day. I thought about quitting the cheer squad but that would have been letting them win. Instead I stayed on the squad and made sure that I was the best cheerleader there. I still get made fun of on a daily basis, but it’s worth it.

My Lovely Boyfriend

Chad and I have been dating for two years and I’m pretty sure he’s the one. He’s a great looking guy, he makes me laugh, he has a good job, and he’s great in bed. Those are all of the qualities I look for in a man, but Chad’s the one for me because of something that happened six months ago. It was one of the most embarrassing situations of my life and he handled it in stride. He made me feel like he would love me no matter what and that night I fell deeper in love with him than I’ve been with anyone.

It was a Saturday night and we were going to go out to dinner and then see a movie. We were going to a semi-casual place for our meal and I figured I would wear a sexy little skirt for Chad because I know how much he likes my legs. He’s also a fan of easy access and we love to fool around at the movies so I wanted to be prepared. I chose a short pleated skirt in black and paired it with a tight white top with lace trim. I did my hair in an up do and when I looked in the mirror even I was impressed.

When Chad came to pick me up he too was impressed. In fact, we were sidetracked by a serious make out session in my entryway. Chad practically had my satin fullback panties below my knees before I stopped him and we headed out the door. I felt bad about teasing him like that so I gave him a blowjob on the way to the restaurant. He came in my mouth thirty seconds before we pulled into the parking lot. He’s always had good timing.

We were seated at a table in the corner and Chad immediately slid next to me and slid his hand under my skirt. The tablecloth was long enough to cover any illicit behavior and I spread my legs enough for him to reach my pussy. He pulled my panties aside and dipped two fingers into my hot snatch while looking over the menu. I was trying to decide what to eat as well but I could barely think with Chad fingering me so insistently.

When the waiter arrived Chad removed his fingers from my pussy and we both ordered. He got a steak and I got the barbecued chicken. We both dined on the bread the waiter had brought and when our meals came I cleaned my plate. While we were waiting for the bus boy to come clear our plates I felt an urgent need to poop well up in my bowels. I hadn’t gone all day but usually the urge to poop comes on slowly for me and I have some time to deal with it. This was a different situation though. This was insistent.

I excused myself from the table and walked to the bathroom in a ladylike manner despite my desire to sprint there. I was dismayed to discover six women in line to go in what was apparently a one person bathroom. I clenched my butt cheeks tightly and waited with the rest of the ladies. It was five minutes before the woman in the bathroom finished and came out and by then I was convinced I wouldn’t make it. Still, I had no other choice so I simply clenched my ass tighter and stood there.

What would I do if I simply had to go and couldn’t hold it anymore? Could I sneak into the men’s room and squeeze out a quick poop before anyone noticed? After another five minutes of waiting I was still two people away from getting into the bathroom. By that point it was an emergency situation and I turned around the go to the men’s room. Unfortunately I was a split second too late as I saw a guy slide in where I should have been. He locked the door and I heard the seat clang down, a sure sign that he would be a while.

In that moment of disappointment, panic, and exasperation I lost my battle with my body and my bowels released themselves into my panties. I had pooped myself. There was a hot mess in my panties and I didn’t know what to do. I could wait even longer and just throw them out in the bathroom but I was worried that it would start to smell and the people around me would find out what I had done.

I couldn’t bear the though of someone knowing that I had pooped my pants. There’s nothing in the world that would embarrass me more. In a panic I practically ran through the dining room of the restaurant until I reached our table. I whispered to Chad that we had to go right away. He had a look of concern in his eyes but we hadn’t yet received the bill. I told him to leave $50 and please take me home.

He was so resistant to the notion of leaving without knowing what the bill was that I was forced to break down and tell him why we had to leave. With tears in my eyes I told him that I had pooped my panties and I was a mess. Instead of shrinking away in disgust his eyes filled with sympathy and he pulled $60 out of his wallet and dropped it on the table. Holding my arm he led me out of the restaurant and to his car.

I didn’t want to sit down for fear of making a bigger mess so Chad grabbed a towel from his trunk and had me peel off my panties between two open doors so no one could see. He took them from me and wrapped them in the towel. He gave me another towel to sit on and we drove back home. The entire way back he offered me comfort and support; he told me that he loved me no matter what happened and that he always would.

My worst fear had been that Chad’s opinion of me would change because of the embarrassing thing that I had done. Instead he seemed to embrace me further. It’s still the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me but in some ways I value the experience because it brought me closer to Chad.